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The House Jacks are among the world’s leading a cappella educators, providing extensive coaching worldwide to scholastic and professional groups alike. With pioneering teaching methods in all aspects of a cappella music, performance and recording technology, The House Jacks are the secret ingredient to a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience.

Corporate Concert/Event

We can also just come rock the house for you! We can bring all of our energy and skill to your event and make it an unforgettable a cappella experience!

Business Team Building

One thing that’s obvious about a vocal group: we work in harmony with one another. We can bring those musical skills to bear with your employees and departments, using real-world, real-time exercises to improve collaboration, creative problem solving, teamwork, and alignment. Your employees will leave energized and excited to apply concepts in the workplace. We can help them learn:

  • How to internalize any line, pitch, or concept quickly.
  • How to really hear what others are saying or doing around you.
  • How to find your own melody or harmony in any situation – music or business.
  • How harmonious give-and-take and stepping forward or backward enhances any group’s performance.
  • How to own their space on the stage, in a meeting, or anywhere else.
  • How to improvise around specific messages without getting too far out of tune.
  • And much more!

Custom Compositions and Arrangements

Do you need a jingle or some engaging hold music? Maybe you want a well-known song to be re-imagined with your own lyrics to feature your brand? Maybe you need music for your CEO to take the stage? Whatever it is, we can do it!

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